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Tattoo'd lady,
Bearded baby,
they're my family.
When I was lonely,
Something told me, where,
I could always be.
Where I could,
Wish for pennies,
If we had any.
You'd meet me down,
At the shooting gallery.
Yes I'm a,
Fair ground baby.
Wonder what made me,
Fall for the pearly queen.


I was born in Porvoo on September 1, 1969 and lived there for nineteen years. I embarked on my academic career at the Helsinki University of Technology in the Computer Science program in 1988. I finished my Master's Thesis in May 1996 and received my Master's degree in November 1996. I live in Helsinki, Finland and work on iOS application programming and other related things in my own little company.

Previous Lives

In my last position at Nokia I worked as the Operating System Architect at Nokia's Maemo Devices unit. I left the company in May 2009 to pursue more personal interests. I worked as a Senior Specialist at Nokia Networks in various software architecture and software development positions before joining the Nokia Multimedia business group's Internet Tablet development. Before switching to Nokia Networks' Switching Platforms (pun intended) I worked in the Nokia Research Center Communication Systems lab first as a Research Engineer and later on as an Assistant R & D Manager.

I worked on CORBA, Mach, and ATM as a research assistant in the COMAS project at the HUT CS lab before joining Nokia Research Center.

Before that I worked as an R & D software engineer in a Finnish software company called Tekla.

A long time ago I worked in New Generation Software. I also worked as a teaching assistant and a Unix administrator at the HUT CS lab.

Things that I'm interested in

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