Author:Jukka Partanen
Name of the thesis: Integration of a Standard Microkernel into a Distributed Switching Environment
Date:May 31, 1996Pages: 9 + 69
Department:Faculty of Information TechnologyProfessorship:Tik-76
Supervisor:Professor Heikki Saikkonen
Instructor:M.Sc. Johannes Helander

Telecommunication systems and general purpose systems are usually interconnected using specialized hardware and software solutions. A new way of interconnecting the systems is presented in this thesis. It is based on integrating a general purpose microkernel operating system directly into a commercial telephone switch, and using the services provided by the microkernel to connect the telecommunication system to the outside world.

Transparent communication between applications running on the native operating system of the switch and outside applications is provided by a communication system that was built as part of the project. The communication system runs on top of the microkernel operating system and acts as a protocol converter between applications in different communication domains.

This thesis describes the steps required in integrating the new operating system into the existing switching environment. The work is divided into porting the operating system, building the communication system, and integrating the new system into the maintenance and supervision systems of the switch.

The feasibility of integrating a general purpose operating system into a telecommunication system is demonstrated, and a basis for further development is provided.

Keywords:telecommunications systems, operating systems, microkernels, interoperability